Privacy and data protection

Privacy Policy Inform4(Andreas Menke)

1. Scope
This privacy policy informs user of,, in the following named as web-site, according to european General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in accordance with the country-specific data protection regulations on the nature, scope and purpose of the personal data of Inform4(Andreas Menke), 12047 Berlin, in the following named as web-site operator.
Please note that data delivery on the internet always has the possibility of data leaks. Full security cannot be accoplished.

2. Process data
This web-site operator belives in privacy policy and stores no personal data, which comes from loading the main page of the web-site ( or If you click a link, so these clicks might be stored with IP and timestamp among others. Of course if you send direct and personal any e-mail or through post-office data to the web-site operator he will store all of these transmitted data.
Normally in using the internet there is personal data of you internet usage which is stored by others any time they are able to get it and this data will be stored by them and the web-site operator has no means to stop this doing (e. g. your internet provider might store your IP addresses as well as the operator of the domain name service might store your IP together with your destination IP). Moreover there will be legal aspects to store some of your personal data which you send through the internet, please be informed by your legal country laws.
The web-site operator has no means on how this web-site is reached by your computer. The web-site is itself hosted on computer of Strato, where your access to this web-site will be recognised. Please read the privacy policy of Strato at : Strato privacy policy (only in german)

3. Cookies
This web-site does not use persistent cookies. Cookies are data files on your computer which are stored by your browser. This web-site uses transient cookies, this sort of cookies is deleted after the browser session is closed (or as your browser is configured to).
All in use browser have the ability not to use any cookies at all. Information: If you set the configuration of your browser not to use any cookies at all then the web-site might not work in all functionality as intended.

4. Working with privacy data
The web-site operator stores and uses your privacy data in a legal way. Direct contact to the web-site operator is an indication that you agree in storing and processing your data by the web-site operator.
Personal data are all those information which can be used to get an indication to your person, e. g. your name, your e-mail address or your telephone number.

5. Username and password
If you have a username and password to this web-site, this web-site operator does not take any responsibility if there is any misuse with the usage in case the web-site operator is not itself responsible for the misuse. Indeed the web-site operator might take you in responsibility if there is any damage on the system which is caused by a misuse.

6. Ordering
In the moment you can order only if you contact the web-site operator directly. All of this data will be stored by the web-site opertor. If there are any processing units they will have access to your privacy data. In the moment there will only be Inform4 processing your data.

7. Processing of contact data
If you get in contact with the web-site operator all of your data will be stored to process your order. Any processing unit for the order will have access to your privacy data. In the moment there will only be Inform4 processing your data.

8. Comments and other contributions
This web-site does not have any mechanism to put comments or other contributions to the web-site.

9. Google Analytics and other data processes
This web-site does not use data processing of this kind.

10. Usage of social-media plugins
This web-site oes not use any social-media plugins.

11. Legal rights: Rechte des Nutzers: Provision of information, correction and removal
All user have the right to ask for provision of information of your privacy data, e. g. by mail or by telphone. Please use the address: Inform4(Andreas Menke), 12047 Berlin,
If your wish on removal or update of your privacy data does not collide with legal right, your data will be updated or removed in case of wrong data.